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Cost of Best Dental treatment options available in South Delhi

Price INR per unit



( with immediate teeth and Final prosthesis after 3 months )  7.5 & 8.5 (Metal & Zirconia)

Best brand(Sweden) : Nobel Biocare with straight abutment

37,500/- per Implant

                                  :  Nobel Active/ Nobel Parallel ( Recent technology)

57,500/- per Implant

                                  :   Bone Graft

10,000/- per unit

Other implant systems :

25,000/- per Implant

Porcelain based Metal Ceramic CAD-CAM crown (10yrs warranty)

6000/-    per unit

Porcelain based Metal Ceramic Manual crown (without warranty)

4000/-    per unit

Metal Free Crown – Zirconia (Life time warranty)

25,000   per unit





Metal free Crown ; Veneer Metal free : E max

12,500    per unit

Metal free Crown ; Veneer Metal free : E max (5 yrs warranty)

12,500    per unit

Metal Free Crown – Zirconia                             (10 yrs warranty)

15,500    per unit

Metal Free Crown – Zirconia                             (15 yrs warranty)

18,500    per unit



Bleaching ( Teeth whitening )

Starts from Rs.8000/-



Cosmetic Filling (2yr warranty)

Starts from rs.1500/-

Composite Filling

Smart Dentine Replacement SDR (New filling technology)

 Rs. 2000/-

 Rs. 3000/-

Root Canal Treatment (ROTARY)

Rs. 6600/-



Scaling & Polishing ( Teeth Cleaning )

Rs.750/ arch

Deep Scaling and Gingival Curettage

Rs. 2500/ quadrant

Gingival Surgery ( Gum Surgery )

Rs. 10,000/ quadrant



Tooth Extraction

Rs. 2000/ tooth

Wisdom tooth extraction (Surgery duration dependent)

Rs. 3500/ onwards



Metal braces

Rs. 45,000/

Ceramic braces ( Tooth Coloured Braces)

Rs. 60,000/

Lingual and Invisalign or Invisible braces

Rs. 1,00,000/onwards

Option of Removable braces also available

Rs. 10,000/ per arch


*prices may vary time to time. These may be taken as tentative prices for general information. For more details and quotes for dental treatments patient may contact us on Discounts if any applicable will be intimated.


Advance money taken for treatment ensures that your future appointments are booked  thereby ensuring dentist's availability, so in any case advance money can not be refunded. Your failure there after not to report for fixed appointment is laible to be penalised.